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Before Your Tour


Congratulations! If you're reading this you are one step closer to meeting the bees.

Tips to Avoid a Sting

1. Wear close-toed shoes with socks, and long, loose pants (not leggings); light colors are best.

2. Avoid perfumes, colognes, strongly scented lotions, and shampoos.

3. Bring something to tie back long hair.

Any concerns? Let's talk about it!

Know Before You Go
  • We will be inviting you to put on bee suits and look into living colonies to get an up close and personal view of bees hard at work.

  • For those who are uncomfortable getting close to a hive, that’s great too! There is still plenty to see by standing back.

  • Bees are NEVER aggressive; they are only defensive. They do not want to sting anyone. The chances of getting stung on a tour are very low, but not zero. Just as when you walk outside – the chances of getting stung are low but not zero. 

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