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Apiary Services

For more information about our services, contact us at!

Undergraduate Education

The apiary supports classes in the Environmental Studies Department at Ithaca College. We provide faculty-student independent research opportunities and advanced independent studies on specialized topics.



Our Apiary produces and sells high-quality, all-natural hive products including honey, wax, candles, and even bees!

Community Outreach

South Hill Apiaries supports the beekeeping community with free mentorship, consulting, and volunteering in the apiary management team for The Finger Lakes Beekeepers Club. In 2022 we are proudly providing colonies for the Eastern Apicultural Society Master Beekeeper exams.

Native Bee Conservation

We run a 3,500 ft² native bee habit with ongoing research and public education. We also offer talks on native bee conservation.

Swarm Catching & Cutouts

Teams from our apiary serve the community and bees by catching swarms and providing them a new place to live in our apiary. We also work with local pest control companies to remove bees from the walls and roofs of structures and relocate them to safer homes.


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